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Bathroom / October 3, 2018 / Sarah Bartley.

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There are a lot of unique types of cabinets. Everybody has kitchen cabinets, some folks have built-in cabinets, there are medicine cabinets, toy cabinets, garage cabinets, curio cabinets, and bathroom cabinets. No matter where the cabinets are positioned, however, they all provide one function – to store items.

Sometimes we store items in a cabinet for an extended period, and they seldom get opened like a curio cabinet. Other kinds of cabinets are more functional and receive much use on a daily basis like the kitchen, garage or bathroom cabinet. No matter how a cabinet is getting used or what it is getting for, after a while they start to need some work to look new again. Here are a few ways to give old cabinets a new life.

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A more pricey way to spruce up old cabinets is to get rid of them completely and buy and install new ones. There are many diverse degrees of quality when it comes to cabinets. The wood that they are, or are not, made out of will be a huge factor in the price of your cabinets. Cherry is going to be a lot more costly than veneer material. Also, the design of your cabinets will be a determining element in how much they will cost as well. The fancier the design on the door of the cabinet, the greater the cost. Another factor that will determine the cost of installing new cabinets is the number of cabinets you need or the amount of space you want to fill with cabinets.

If you like the concept of new cabinets without ripping your kitchen apart or the cost that comes along with that work, you can usually have your cabinets refaced. Refacing involves changing out the current drawer and door fronts only. The base of your cabinets stays unchanged, and nothing is removed from your kitchen except the old drawer fronts and doors. The greatest advantage to having your cabinets refaced as opposed to replaced is that they will be completed in about three days, the cost is significantly lower, and you will still feel as though you got a new, updated kitchen.

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There are some things that you can do nevertheless, to brighten up lower cabinets before you choose to take out a small loan and install new ones. First, try changing out the hardware or knobs on your cabinets. Even though higher quality knobs will cost you a little more, you will be surprised at what new knobs and drawer pulls will do to your out of date cabinets.

If knobs and pulls are not sufficient for you, you can also paint your wooden cabinets. There is no need to sand them down entirely before you apply paint. You do need to sand them enough to make them slightly rough so the paint will adhere well to the surface. Also, always use a primer first that is made to increase the adhesion of paint. When choosing a paint, be sure that no matter what color you select, you pick out a hi-gloss finish or enamel. Enamels or hi-gloss finishes are much easier to clean and really shine well. By utilizing a coating or high gloss paint, there is no need to use polyurethane as a sealant.

Whichever direction you choose to take on updating your cabinets in any room, know that you have options and choices and that starting over is not the only one.

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How Turn Cabinet Into Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Style Function Country Blue Bidet Toilet Combo Toto Sinks Distributor Most Advanced Washing With Built Heated Seat Panasonic Ese Vs



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